As its true that Health is one of the big wealth. All the groom of life is depend on good and string health. You can get healthy if you follow some tips of health:

Exercise:  You should do normal game, like through ball, running or jogging and jumping.

Burn Fat:  Extra weight is one of the major caused of dieses, you should cut your fat with the help of cycling and walking.

No Smoking: As smoking is the injured to health, it will reduce your life slowly and loose your stamina, for getting batter health you must stop smoking.

Positive attitude: You should be think positive, it will help to reduce your stress and improve your health, and moreover you have benefit from reduction of heart attack, strokes and paint. You please be smile or laugh. When over you have any stress or tension you must think that this time will be passed soon and the bright day will come for you. The Stress cause to reduce the blood and mind thinking and effect on your health. Try to be cool down and get the caused of stress then with cool mind try to solved the route of stress.

Protect Yourself from Pollution: It not easy for those who lived in populated area but try to protect yourself from pollution.

Clean Your Teeth: You must clean your teeth at least three time in a day.

Must take the Breakfast:  Breakfast seems to be the most ignored meal of the day. Women seem to be those who usually don’t take breakfast as they are very obsessed with the way they look. They try to get rid of the extra weight and they often refuse to eat as much as it is needed.

Right time Diet For Better Health:- You should plan for your diet and get help of doctor for making your diet plan.

Sunlight: Sunlight is best for a body and it makes your health strong. You should get benefit of sun light at morning or evening time but not at mid time of a day. Sun Light provides you Vitamin D. Sunlight improve the circulation of skin, reduce the risk of cancer.

Water:-  Its provide oxygen to cell and flush waste from the body. It protects joints and organs. You should drink at least 8 glasses on daily basis. If you add fresh lime to water it will help you to regularize your body and also regulates the body temperature and cooling/ heating distribute through perspiration.

Elimination:  You never wait to go bathroom, go and eliminate it, otherwise is stressful to you and may cause the body to waste material back into the bloodstream and will loose your health.

Sleeping: For better health it is necessary to sleep eight hours in a day. It will fresh your mind and good mind is for strong health. You are more susceptible to illness if you do not get enough sleep. Your sleeping depend on your over all health.