Green lipped mussels are well known for improving overall health, but what’s less well known is the fact that green lipped mussel extract powder is the best way to take this valuable supplement. There are many forms of green lipped mussels. You can find capsules, gels and even creams. But the extract powder provides a higher concentration of the oil that is the part of the mussel that gives the health benefits. The extract powder also has a high level of the proteins and antioxidants in the mussel.

If you’ve taken the time and effort to find out about this health-giving supplement and want to add it to your daily routine, it’s important that you use the best source. Unfortunately, many buyers of green lipped mussel are not aware that the extract powder is actually the best kollagen source of the supplement. And, there’s more you need to know…

Which brand?

On today’s market there are many different brands that sell the powder green lipped mussel extract, but it’s the method of processing the powder that’s important to ensure the best health giving results. Maxalife uses only the highest quality greenlipped mussels. Equally important, they make sure that they process the mussels within thirty minutes. By keeping this time to the minimum they ensure that the extract powder has not lost any of its nutrients or antioxidants.

It’s as if you’ve taken a jaunt over to New Zealand. For centuries the locals have known about and taken advantage of the huge crop of green lipped mussels that thrive in the clear, pure water that surrounds their beautiful island nation. Even the tribal Maoris knew of the health granting, pain relieving properties of these mussels. And, in a wonderful coincidence, they also are simply delicious. Seafood at its best. Cooked or not.

Maxalife uses only green lipped mussels harvested from these pristine waters.

Quality is important

With some producers this processing time is not as quick – in fact, it is often much longer. This can increase rancidity and decrease the nutrient qualities. If producers are drying or freezing the mussels, they’re not doing it for the benefit of the end user, but to make more profit for themselves. It is strongly recommended that you do not accept these inferior quality products. Make sure you only buy green lipped mussels in the extract powder form, and only from those producers which keep the process time as short as possible.

Yes, quality is extremely important and that’s the very reason many women use meladerm cream to cure age spots & discolored skin.

Ethical company

If you buy your green lipped mussel extract powder from Maxalife you’ll be sure of getting absolutely the best product. They have an ethical policy to sell only the very best products available on the market, and to put health concerns before profit motive. You can see this when you look at the pricing of their Green Lipped Mussel Extract Powder – it’s comparable to products of far inferior quality.

This is really an important point. We looked far and wide, searching for a natural health products company that not only provides the best products to be found anywhere, but does so at a more than reasonable price. That company is Maxalife. They are the real deal. We are so proud to be associated with a company that places their customers’ welfare ahead of their own profits.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, check them out. You’ll see …

A healthy life

So, if you’re interested in taking advantage of the excellent health-giving benefits of green lipped mussels, make sure you buy green lipped mussel extract powder to get the maximum benefit. Give yourself the opportunity to live a healthy life free from serious or chronic health issues. If you’re already suffering from some health conditions, using the mussel powder can only help you in your fight for good health.