Insomnia test questions are to be found on many amateur health websites, and are intended as a quick guide to show you whether or not you may have the condition. Of course, these tests are no substitute for getting advice directly from a qualified medical professional, and are only to be used as a rough initial indication. There can be many reasons why sleep patterns can be disturbed in the short term, without there actually being a full insomnia condition, but it is better to have an indicator which you can use to help the physician make an accurate diagnosis.

The most obvious question which is always asked on these sites is whether or not you have any difficulty in getting to sleep at night. If you do, and you have no other obvious sleep disorders, then it is obvious that you have some degree of insomnia. Other questions usually relate to whether or not you wake up in the night, or feel tired during the next day. All of these are signs of possible insomnia, and are likely to indicate that even when you are sleeping, the sleep is not of the necessary quality to sustain your life.

These basic tests are only an introduction to the sites and the information they can give you. The first warning will be to make sure that you have eliminated the possibility of other conditions such as sleep apnea. These conditions can be eliminated by thorough testing, where the bodily functions such as brainwaves, heart rate and breathing are measured. If these show as normal, this is a strong indicator that any sleep difficulties are caused by insomnia. You can then begin to take steps to rearrange your life to lessen the chance of the condition becoming serious.

If the short insomnia test given on the websites suggests that you have insomnia, you can take steps to reduce the likelihood of the condition taking hold. The first step is to make sure that you are sleeping in a room which is conducive to your efforts to sleep at night. If there is too much noise or light, to can be extremely difficult to get to sleep, and there is always the risk that you will wake again long before it is intended that you do. These problems can be largely overcome, the light by erecting a blackout, and the noise by the use of earplugs during the night hours.

Most difficulties with insomnia arise due to imperfect living habits. Usually, the patient is either drinking caffeine throughout the day, using alcohol to relax in the evening, or exposing themselves to far too much electromagnetic radiation. There are many thousands of homes throughout the Western world where people are watching television almost as a ritual, right up to the time they are due to retire to bed. This practice will never result in optimum sleep patterns, and can easily lead to sleep disturbance. Make sure you allow enough time for the body to relax before going to bed.

The basic insomnia test which you can find online is never going to be a definitive answer, or a substitute for qualified diagnosis. It can, however allow the layman to determine that they obviously have a degree of insomnia and sleep difficulty. The sites can definitely be the catalyst which motivates the individual to make essential life changes, allowing them the possibility of most only improved sleeping habits, but also more clarity and awareness during the day. Make sure you take the right action to correct the condition, if it is indicated by the insomnia test.