Acid reflux is a common problem these days. Many people are suffering from this stomach disorder all around the world. It is really important to know the symptoms of reflux, so that you seek the proper treatment if you see one or more. An early diagnosis will help you prevent real damage to your digestive system. Here we are discussing some common symptoms of reflux.

Heartburn: Heartburn is the most common symptom and majority of reflux patient suffer from it. It is common, it does not mean that it’s not important. According to a research, heartburn can lead to esophageal cancer, if not properly treated.

Chest Pain: This is a typical acid reflux symptom. When acid rush towards the esophagus patients feels pain in chest. It can be quite severe and can be mistaken for a heart attack. In case of chest pain, you should immediately contact your doctor, as only he can decide that it’s a reflux symptom of heart attack. Moreover, the chest pain gets more intense when you take a rest. More acids accumulate in esophagus when you take a rest, and the situation becomes worse.

Pain after having meal: When you have a big meal you feel pain in the stomach, is this one of the clear symptoms of reflux. When the stomach is loaded with food the acids gets no place to escape and they come back in the esophagus, causing pain.

Bitter taste: Sometime acids travels into the esophagus and comes into the throat, which cause bitter taste in the mouth, which can also cause choking or burning.

Hoarseness: Sometime you feel changes in your voice, without any symptoms of a cold. This is an indication of reflux. Stomach acids can disturb your vocal cords, once they reach them resulting in hoarseness while you talk.

Sore throat: This is symptom of a cold, but it can relate to acid reflux as well. If you feel pain in throat after having a meal, it might be heartburn.

Cough: Cough can be due to heartburn, when stomach acid approaches your lungs. If you feel difficulty in breathing after having your meal, you should go for a pH test. It will help in diagnosis that either you have acid reflux or not.

Asthma: persistent cough, due to heartburn, can lead to asthma.

Nausea: Nausea is associated with many problems, so we cannot call it a typical reflux symptom. However, some people feel nausea only, so if you cannot find out the reason of nausea, it can be acid reflux.

Extra saliva: If you feel the production of excessive saliva in your mouth, it can be a clear indication of acid reflux.

Trouble in swallowing: consistent exposure to acids can lead to swelling of the lower part of the esophagus. This will narrow down the path for food and the patient will feel difficulty in swallowing food. These are just a few symptoms. There are additional things that are typical for acid reflux like heartburn and extra saliva, while others are common with other diseases like nausea and cough. So, you need to see your doctor for proper diagnosis.